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Party's over

When you've got a former party leader and a former party staffer taking to the media to dare each other into legal manoeuvres to gossip about recent romantic entanglements, and the other main high-profile person in the party threatening to quit, then it is done as a political force.

The worst thing for the right would now be for the Conservatives to limp on, wasting 1-2% of the vote. I'd guess National will put the pressure on now for it to all end pretty quick.

The Donald and Jeb!

There's much fun to be had in the Republican Presidential primary circus, which is starting to gather some steam.

First, Donald "The Donald" Trump has again announced he's running. It took the good people of fivethirtyeight about 3 nanoseconds to uncover the data to show why he's doomed:

Huge name recognition + huge public hatred = Pack up and go home.

Oh dear, Nick

Nick Smith is in freefall. Fresh from chasing me down the comments section of the NBR to defend his honour, now he's blaming TV3's Brook Sabin for ruining his great housing policy by, you know, asking questions. He seriously did that. And he's blaming his officials. And he's blaming Ngati Whatua and Tainui for, youou know, insisting on their legal rights. And he's blaming Labour.

But the only person Nick Smith should blame looks at him every morning in the mirror.

It's Pythonesque.

Today's WhaleOil lie about me, redux.

As readers know, I like to correct lies told about me by other bloggers. Here's the embattled Whaleoil:

Rob Salmond, who declared to us all during the election that Labour’s own polling was 10 percent better than the public polls – clearly intimating that the public polls were wrong and Labour was right – thinks the Progress group are on the right track.


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