The Donald and Jeb!

The Donald and Jeb!

There's much fun to be had in the Republican Presidential primary circus, which is starting to gather some steam.

First, Donald "The Donald" Trump has again announced he's running. It took the good people of fivethirtyeight about 3 nanoseconds to uncover the data to show why he's doomed:

Huge name recognition + huge public hatred = Pack up and go home.

Second, Jeb "please don't say my last name" Bush has announced and also unveiled his campaign logo, which some have described as reminiscent of a bad musical that closes out of town, or what would happen if Ted ran for office:

Wired has all kinds of fun with it:

JEB! is fine, as far as logos go. It’s uninspired, sure, but it gets the job done. But as a piece of typography, it’s crap.

Actually, it’s worse than that.

“It’s a piece of shit, and you can quote me on that,” says design critic Steven Heller, who has written dozens of books on everything from branding and typography to infographics and posters. He is hardly alone in being so critical, though famed typographer Chester Jenkins was a bit more gentle about it. “The logo isn’t bad as a graphic, but as a piece of typography, there are some problems,” he says. [...]

First among them is the letters, which is pretty big when you consider that’s essentially all the logo is: Jeb! in Baskerville. There’s no typical (stereotypical?) American iconography—the stars and stripes, an eagle, something—to guide the eye away from the four bright red letters in a font Jenkins describes as “a not very pleasant weight” of the type cut in the 20th century. It’s just so … ordinary. The guy who designed Jeb! used an off-the-shelf font. The result is a logo that could have been created by any kid with a Mac. Now, it’s being used as a man who wants to become our president.

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Andrew R says:

Fortunately for font snobs everywhere, presidential logos tend to evolve along with the campaign. The first Obama logo (pre- iconic "O") was an ugly blue and red flame with a Times New Roman style font. His Senate campaign logos were even worse. Hopefully Jeb! is not the best that Jeb! can buy with $100 Million.

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