It is all getting a bit sad for Judith Collins, like a one-trick stage act that jumped the shark.

In the throes of her ongoing Oravida woes, Collins has decided that now is a really good time to pick a fight with the entire Parliamentary Press Gallery.

That is not something a sane politician would do at any time, let alone in election season.

To make it worse, my information is the Gallery's phones are running hot with National insiders spilling their guts about how Collins has embarrassed them. When the Press Gallery is angry with you, the last thing you need is your own team supplying more ammo.

And to make it worse again, later today I will post on even more new and damning information about Collins' Oravida links. Stay tuned.

But I do want to emphasise the silver lining for Judith Collins. I found 66 people on Twitter last night who wanted to show their support for her by favoriting or retweeting this:

@rsalmond: RT if you agree: Dear @johnkeypm: Please do not fire @JudithCollinsMP. She is great. Yours sincerely, Labour/Greens supporters.

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John Drinnan says:

I've heard this line many times about how politicians can't afford to get offside with the Press Gallery - but can you give n example of where someone has pissed off Gallery and paid the price?

Alex Coleman says:

"example of where someone has pissed off Gallery and paid the price"

Chris Carter.

splooge says:

A boner.

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