The Polity blog

The Polity blog

This blog advertises Rob's values and Polity's value. (Also, it is really fun to write.)

I want the Polity blog to become one of the leading public affairs blogs in New Zealand. Partly that helps Polity grow, through name recognition and through showcasing the value Polity can add for its clients.

But the main reason I blog is that I like blogging.

I like thinking about political issues, both policy and strategy. I like the challenge of turning those thoughts into cogent arguments, well supported in evidence and persuasively framed. And I like engaging publicly to support those ideas I believe in.

I also like trying to link the research of my former colleagues in political science to the day-to-day political reality we all inhabit.

And I like sharing my opinions about other things, too, such as the designated-hitter rule (dumb), my Michigan Wolverines (awesome), and Big Green Eggs (also awesome).

I really enjoy writing Polity blog. I hope it is just as enjoyable - and rewarding - for you to read and engage with as well.