Key at question time yesterday

Here's a transcript of part of question time yesterday, when Andrew Little was questioning John Key about New Zealand's deployment to Iraq:

Andrew Little : Why has he declared that the deployment to Iraq will end, whether or not its objectives are completed, about 6 months before the next election? Is that just a coincidence?

Rt Hon JOHN KEY : No.

(No, I haven't cut off the rest of his answer. That was the whole answer.)

That is a quite extraordinary confession.

Excluded middle

National counterattack line on Iraq is now out and about - courtesy of DPF. It has two parts:

  1. Labour would have done exactly the same as National; and
  2. Labour are for doing nothing at all

First, of course, those statements cannot both be true. So there's that.

Second, neither statement is true. There is a vast array of things New Zealand can do to help Iraq other than "train soldiers" and "nothing."

Rudman on Gallipoli redux

Brian Rudman takes National to task this morning on the idiocy of using "symbolism" as a pretext for sending New Zealand soldiers into a war zone:

In an apparent attempt to deflect attention from the anti-terrorist legislation he's ramming through Parliament, the Prime Minister and his Australian counterpart have come up with a madcap scheme to commemorate the centenary of the ill-fated Gallipoli invasion next year, with a re-enactment in nearby Iraq....

"To commemorate Gallipoli, we killed your son."

Here's Stuff reporting on the Prime Minister's ANZAC Force comments:

Key confirmed one option was to deploy the troops of both countries under an Anzac banner.

"It's not impossible that it could be badged as an Anzac unit . . . but we are a long way from deciding that."

Their departure could coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Anzac landings at Gallipoli, investing the gesture with heavy symbolism.

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