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20 Best Residential Window Tinting Tips And Tricks

If you are wondering to get the tinting done you’re your windows then this article has got you covered. Whether you already have the tinted window or you are considering getting it done, you will have to pay great attention to the maintenance of the window. Keep in mind that without proper care you will not be able to give a pleasant look to your house and nor the window will ever offer a clean look. You must be aware that the protection of the window isn’t very important not just for the outlook but for the other reasons too. The window gives a UV protection which means it will save great energy for you.  The investment in the window means that looking after it for the entire lifetime. You can’t just buy and let it sit for the year untouched. Remember if you won’t take a proper care then they will fade away and won’t last more. Thus these articles cover some tips which will be of great help.

When Not To Maintain Residential Window Tinting?

Remember that you need to maintain from the starting. From the time your tint gets applied you need to get to work. Remember that when residential window tinting gets newly applied then the extra moisture gets trapped inside the film. For this reason, the film gives a foggy appearance and a cloudy one. This can last for thirty days thus you don’t have to scratch your brain cells. The imperfections will fade away naturally. Many a time it is observed that people want to get rid of those bubbles and in doing so they damage the film. You know what happens after this act? Well, you actually peel away the window.

Maintenance Tips For Window Film For Home Auckland


  1.   People often throw the question of the real-time when to begin the cleaning journey of the window. Well, for that purpose all you need to do is to wait for approx thirty days. If you really want the adhesive bonding not getting damaged then you really want to wait. Else in no time, you will break your window.


  1.    If you are wondering that when is the ideal time to clean then clean in the morning or evening.
  2.    Never clean when the windows are hot else   for home Auckland will get damaged.  
  3.    High pressure can damage the window
  4.    Don’t use the harsh adhesive which has ammonia
  5.    Use soft clothes or you can also use a sponge.
  6.    Avoid the use of paper towels
  7.    Avoid the use of bristle brush else window film for home Auckland will get damaged.  
  8.    You can make use of dishwashing soap
  9.    Never use vinegar as this can scratch the film
  10.    Don’t consider home options like baking soda
  11.    Be careful when cleaning the joint else adhesive can peel away
  12.    Establish the regular routine of cleaning
  13.    Don’t use cheap soap which will make the tint cloudy
  14.    Access water must be cleaned with a different cloth
  15.    Designate a special cloth for the tint so other debris is not accumulated
  16.    Clean after the extreme weather conditions
  17.    Immediately go for the repair
  18.    Go for the replacement if a hard repair
  19.    Only get good quality for replacement

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