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5 Must Have Carpet Cleaning Equipment To Keep In Your Home

Dirty carpets can be a problem. But investing in the right equipment will end your worries. It doesn’t if you’re seeking an upgrade or starting a cleaning service, a range of equipment is always essential. You can buy or even rent, it all depends on your budget. While the performance of pro remains outstanding, many cheap machines come pretty close. Carpet cleaning needs a different types of equipment, carpet extractors and carpet cleaners are the initial requirement. It is important to look for machines that are portable and come with accessories. Furthermore, there are carpet cleaning extractors that come with detachable heaters, which increase the life of the machine. For larger rooms or larger areas, wide path extractors come in handy to extract soil. Your equipment does well with some useful eco-friendly chemicals and cleansing liquids. For now, here are the five must have equipment for carpet cleaning which shall help you kick start:

Bissell Big Green

Although this machine is huge in size, but not heavy or difficult to carry at all. The machine is excellent when it comes to brushing carpet fibers. The machine easily lifts out stubborn pet hair.

Heat ‘N’ Run External Heater System

It comes with a detachable heater which is mounted on the outside. It’s easy to attach or remove. Having the heater on the outside ensures that the inside of the machine runs cool. It heats up fast, in 90 seconds it delivers 200 degrees. If it requires repair, lift the heater off the machine. It is that simple. It extends the life of your extractor, making it a good investment.

Glidemaster™ Carpet Wand Single Jet

This equipment allows easy cleaning under desks, furniture and other hard to reach places. The wand is made of stainless steel and provides a comfortable grip handle. The wand head is of 12 inches and winged to prevent over-spray.


1530 Dual Mode Carpet Extractors

It uses a deep clean mode for maximum removal of soil and an interim surface cleaning Use deep cleaning mode for short dry times. It is extremely user friendly with its one button start. It comes with a lock in high cleaning speed. This ensures consistency in the cleaning at a pace. It doesn’t require adjustments. It provides an extended cleaning time and is able to cover larger areas with its wide cleaning path.

Galaxy™ 5 Portable Carpet Extractors

This machine is   designed to high power within a portable lightweight body. It is ideal for the carpet cleaning jobs as it is a powerful yet small unit, complete with auto detailing. It comes with a silencer system to ensure a quieter service. The “no drip” is a motor cavity included that guarantees no spilling. It keeps the heat outside as the heater is mounted on top, ensuring that the insides remain cool. Fully complete with a set of optional accessories that attach to t the unit for the purpose of cleaning stairs and upholstery

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