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How Many Coats Of Exterior Paint Do You Need?

If you are wondering that how many coats your home actually needed then this article is here to solve all your every question for different scenarios about Exterior Paint.

Proper Steps Mean Two Coats By Exterior House Painters

People must know that two coats are typically all you need when you are following all the proper steps of painting which involves several things. If you are preparing the wall, cleaning the debris, making use of the primer, filling in the gaps with filler and using the paint sprayer then ideally you will have to for the two coats. Many a time after the paint dries out some part of the paint chips away. Then exterior house painters have to cover the floor with a cloth and scrape of the loose paint for applying the additional coat.Use Of Colors In Account

There are other scenarios where you will prefer the coating of the paint twice. If you are going for the darker paint options and that too over the lighter shades. To get a crystal of the color you will surely appreciate two coats. But if the scenario is opposite and you are going to use light paint over the dark one then even two coats won’t give you the results you will have to do several coats before you finally achieve the optimum results.

Why Does One Coat Fail?

You will observe that within the span of 1 year the wall which was painted by just a single of paint will show bad results. People have this wrong perception that if you will be using the same old color for the new coating then single coat is more than enough which is surely not true. People think that it won’t look different anyway so why to waste time and money for several coats. Here they go wrong.

The Unreliability Mentioned By Exterior Roof Painters Auckland

The single coat is not reliable and durable in any way and it will begin to show after just a year or even before that.

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Heavy Investment Later

If you will be going for a single coat anyway then bear in mind that after a year you will again have to go through the hassle. You will have to hire a professional painter again and invest your time along with money all over again which is certainly not a great option. Bear in mind that there are several exterior roof painters Auckland which only rely on your decision about how many coats to actually apply. There are no hidden charges for the services of the double coat. Get the fact straight that you will only have to invest in an additional bucket of paint and that is it.

Single Coat Condition

Remember that one coat is only applicable only for the single situation and that is when you are going for the single coat else you will have to apply the two coats in every other scenario for your own good.

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