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10 Ikea Hacks To Transform Your Living Room

You should have the idea the furniture nz plays a vital role. It completely changes the way your house appears thus you should make a wise choice when selecting from top Ikea store. There are several hacks which will completely change the outlook of your place. These hacks of New Zealand Ikea furniture all fall into your budget thus you need to be mindful and transform your living room accordingly.

Leaning Ladder From Ikea Nz

Who doesn’t like the idea of leaning ladders? They are pretty much the most modern and elegant addition to your room. Not only has this but offered a sculptural appearance. You will never be unsatisfied with the idea of using cabinets pulls from Ikea online as a cross piece. Bear in mind that choose metal of black color as it looks simple yet very elegant.

Leather Cushion From Ikea Online

You should also go for the hacks which makes use of the leather cushion. If you will be making use of cushion then it will add a great luxury and comfort.

PMQ For Two

Other than this, you should go for something colorful that could fit your taste. Make use of Spoonflower wallpaper and that will add bright color to your home. What more? The fabric which will cover the table will make your home look a lot glamorous and fun looking. Add the spark with PMQ for Two.

Matte Chalk

You can make use of matte chalk paint. Why? Well, it will give a paint finish. This tinge of sophistication will give your place a polished look. What more? The floral decoupage is really a different touch to your home.

Ikea Kitchen

If you want to create long built into your home, you must use basic stock IKEA kitchen. They can be trimmed out of the door and painted in a soothing gray way.  This will give you a forever result at a much more affordable range. Be ready to add style to your life.

Light Fixtures

See the DIY light fixtures. You will really be impressed by them. You can browse through the Ikea market and you will be impressed by what they have to offer you. Get ready to transform your house. Make it look high end.

Malm Sideboard

Malm sideboard cannot be ignored. This will really give you a look of 80’s revival.  You can make a plain shelve unit into a great display cabinet. What else? A basic IKEA stack become really worthy of a shout out. Realize that this display cabinet can be sprayed with gold paint.


You can turn a basic chair from Ikea online to a unique table. Sounds interesting hack right?

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You need to make your step ladder into your focal point. So what to do? Paint it with some cool vintage colors and you are good to go.

Storage Unit

You have to build your own storage unit. How? Well, you don’t need to cover the whole wall it. Let carpenter do that for you.

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