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9 Things To Consider For Pre-Purchase Property Inspections

Many times people face the problem of unreliable home inspectors. This happens because home inspectors fail to reach to the source of the problem. People give recommendations because of the commission but in the end, it becomes a hard nut to crack to deal with the inspector. You need to do your research on the part. If you fail to do this then you will face a great problem later. You are investing your time and money so you definitely won’t want both these essentials to go in vain. To avoid such thing, bear in mind that the nine factors which are covered in this article for your help. There are several agents who work just to confuse you.

Agents For Pre-Purchase Property Inspection

Many times they will guide to the wrong path for their benefit for pre-purchase property inspection. Now you just don’t have to fall for this trap.  They will steer your way towards that inexperirenced inspector who won’t be able to provide you a standard report for your house. So you need to do the research.

Checking Of Council Records

Many houses are constructed on the illegal land and this is the responsibility of the inspector to tell you this. If the inspector fails to give you a clear council record then your whole investment will get trashed. So you need to ask them this very factor to inspect for your assurance.


You can’t ignore the importance of the qualified inspector. You need to see that the inspector has been the part of any reputable company in the past. As this will largely help you to determine the level of skill set possess.

Standards For Pre-Purchase Property Inspection

You need to question the standards of inspection set. So that you will not face any problem later.


If you truly want the correct inspection done and that too on time then you should better get the inspector who holds the indemnity insurance as this will help you in the long run.

Examples Of Reports

Just ask the company which you are shortlisting to provide you with the reports submitted to previous clients. By this move, you will get a proper idea else you will be lost in the ocean of confusion where you will not only lose your time but also your money so the choice is yours.

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Written Clauses

Keep in mind that there is no importance of anything that is verbal as it does not carry any evidence. So the best solution is that you get the written report for everything. You need to get a written report for every clause that is being promised and every rate which gets set.


Many inspectors avoid the idea of inspecting the roof which is a very vital part of the house. So you need to ask this beforehand. Ask if they will identify leaks, rust and other failures at the top of the house.

Time Period

You can’t ignore the importance of time so you need to ask about the estimated time till you get the report.

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